Timeframe; 5-35min

Whenever you see a group of Maori people, you can almost guarantee there'll be a gituar nearby. Maori are great lyricists, composers, singers and muscians and take advantage of any opportunity to sing. There are many forms of Maori songs. Here are a couple that Haka International uses in their performances.


Moteatea are the traditional chants used by the Maori.  There are different moteatea for different things.  Some are lullabies, some are laments and some are stories. They are rythmical in nature and can be used for meditation and prayer.

Waiata a ringa

These are the action songs of the Maori people.  Maori use hand and body actions to depict a story.  Usually these songs are accompanied with a gitaur, and require alot of body movement.

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